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I did not expect my teacher to find this blog and think I plagiarized the whole civil servant thing (from myself). I hope that posting EDVARD KRALJ is enough to convince her otherwise.

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The Civil Servant

(Damn, been a while. I put together a little something I think is worth posting. For now all you get is a bit of my homework. And I haven't forgotten about the stories that need continuing. If and when I think other stuff is worth posting, I'll post. Anyway - 150ish word text on what a civil servant should be like.)

Ruled by law, attendant to the people. I am a civil servant. My standards are cold steel, and will not yield – not to coercion, nor fear.

Objective, unalterably. My gaze is level. It will not be swayed by tears, nor shaken by threats, nor distracted by the glint of silver tongues. It pierces the veil of fallacy to expose what lay behind.

Honest, blindly. Lies are the songs of cowards and misers – I will not lend voice to their vile choir. I will speak no falsehoods, for I fear no backlash. I am a mouthpiece of the truth.

Impartial, eternally. My path is set, I will not falter. I will not bend to the squabbling throng. Their ideals are theirs alone.

Above all, my integrity. My guiding star. Without it I am but a husk, a vessel wanting corruption. I serve others, never myself.

May I be damned if I should fail.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


It was the last thought of Jonathan the man, the doubter, the forbearer, and with that thought, his last tether to humanity was severed. Good, evil, right, wrong; such absurd notions they were, only deterring him from actualizing his full potential, keeping him chained to a life of deficiency. A life he wished to lead no longer. This was his time of ascension. His time to become a legend. He would sign his name in the book of eternity, letter by bloody letter. Mr. Jonathan Nott... no. Mr. J. Yes... that will do. 

He opened his eyes, and saw the world anew. The children stood still, frozen in fear. As they should. The one before him was trembling, its face drained of color. He gripped the hilt of his blade with newfound vehemence.

They will provide the ink.

His blade arced upwards, as pitiless as its wielder, and cleft the young soul asunder. Crimson life splashed forth, covering him, bathing him in its warmth.

The children broke from their terror-induced trance, and screamed in unison, a cacophony of dread, a crescendo of horror, and ran. No one gets away. No one. All but four ran into what he surmised was the cafeteria, prompted so by the school staff. He heard the sounds of tables screeching across the tiles,a barricade in the making. As if that will save them. They are sealing their own tomb.

Three were sprinting down the hall, towards a long corridor, hoping to escape via the back entrance. Ah, the thrill of the chase.

One went up the large staircase in the middle of the hall. Cassidy can have you. After all, one mustn't be greedy.

He jabbed into the direction of the cafeteria's metal double doors with his knife. ''Those aren't going anywhere.'' His voice sounded different from before, he noticed. Harsh. Cold. Dead. ''I'll take care of the three, you get the one upstairs.''

He didn't wait for a response. He dashed after his prey, faster than greased lightning, and stood blocking their path to salvation in less than a heartbeat. Two fell to their knees on the spot and began sobbing. The third edged back, her eyes flicking this way and that, looking for an alternate escape route. Her small hands were balled into fists, determined to survive despite the odds.

He stepped forward, silencing the sobs with a single, vicious sweep of his blade, and continued towards the girl. I know you... Natalie, Cid's bastard. That explains the dauntlessness. No matter. He let the blade fly, mercilessly accurate, and it hit home. He pulled his weapon free, and saw the blade's inscription, now glistening, red, with true clarity.

He turned and walked back, in search of his cousin.


Cassidy gave an involuntary burst of laughter as the first fell and everyone ran, stared blankly as her cousin told her what to do, and whooped happily after him as he dashed to intercept the three runners.

''Damn!'' she breathed, grinning. A killer, is a killer, is a killer. She scolded herself for doubting in Jonathan. After today, she thought idly, nobody will be left in doubt of the depth of their commitment.

Happy with the way things were going, she went to do her part. She pranced after the heavyset boy who ran up the stairs, chains jingling along the marble floor, calling out to him as she went. ''Heeeere fatty fatty fatty! Aunt Cassidy wants to plaaaay-aaay!''

It didn't take her long to corner him, even without the use of her serum-enhanced speed. She wanted a chase, but was left wanting, because the boy ran, for some reason unbeknown to her, straight to a small terrace. He was screaming for help, and she couldn't help but giggle.

The boy's cries for help were cut short as a chain wrapped itself around his neck, and began to tighten as Cassidy dragged him back. All he could do now was gurgle, red-faced, and gasp for breath.

Cassidy sauntered towards him, taking her time, savoring the moment. She picked him up by the collar of his sweater, and frowned.

''Try not to break my chain, whale boy.'' she said, and tossed him over the parapet. The links jingled, then snapped taut. The boy hung suspended, legs flailing, grasping the choking chain around his neck.

''Shit.'' she grumbled, disappointed by how resilient the boy's neck was, and pulled him back up.

''Let's try this again, shall... we...''. She trailed off, distracted by an odd sight in the sky. A strange gold dot was glittering in the distance.

The child, despite his discomfort, was grinning wide. ''The Hell is that?'' she muttered, and narrowed her eyes. Then they snapped open, the realization hitting her far too late.

The flying figure rammed into her full tilt, knocking her back to the wall with such force it cracked, odd pieces of masonry showering down.

The boy clung to the parapet for dear life.

Cassidy laid on the ground, dazed by the impact. She moaned her pain, attempting to crawl away.

''Vile scum!'' the newcomer spat at her, then lifted the child to solid ground, and helped him remove the strangling coils of chain.

He was every inch a hero; barrel chested and muscular, wearing gold plated armor, a fearsome mask to match, an unnervingly large-taloned gauntlets. He gave the boy a pat on the head, careful not to poke holes in it with the sharp claws. ''Good job, Timmy, you called the right hero.''

Timmy coughed and rubbed his aching throat. ''Thanks, Golden Gargoyle.'' he croaked. ''Could have come sooner, but whatever.''

The hero ignored Timmy's last remark, his focus was once again on Cassidy. He slowly approached her, each step alike the falling of a great anvil, while she desperately tried to get away on all fours.

''You're going nowhere, child-killer!'' he growled.

Just as the hero tried to deliver a shattering kick to her stomach Cassidy sprang into action, avoiding his boot, pleased that her deception worked. Stone splinters flew as the Golden Gargoyle's kick missed its mark, almost demolishing the wall instead.

Cassidy wasted no time. Grinning, she swung, chain coiled around her fist for that extra bit of pain, aiming for the hero's temple.

Her grin faded as the hero snatched her arm before she could land a blow. She cursed herself for her overconfidence, relying on the Serum's enhancement without knowing more of her opponent was a foolish move. The hero followed with a crushing headbutt.

Cassidy's world went bright. She slumped back, but a cold, hard claw grabbed her by the throat before she hit the ground. The hero raised her high and she struggled weakly, much like little Timmy only moments before, but to no avail.

The hero laughed triumphantly. ''Pathetic! You are no match for the Golden Gargoyle!''

Cassidy fought for breath. The claw's merciless grip tightened, and everything started fading to black. This is it, she thought, not such an easy assignment after all. Her lungs were bursting for air, the world was reduced to shadows.

She just barely noticed the third shade, creeping towards her executioner.


Cassidy, Cassidy... How could you let this golden fool overpower you? Jonathan's hand darted, the tip of his butcher's knife finding the weak spot between the shining armor plates with pinpoint precision, and stabbed once, twice, thrice, straight at the heart.

The hero gasped, coughed blood, then fell over, dead on the spot. Cassidy looked up at her savior, swallowing great lung-fulls of air. Her face was slowly regaining it's normal color, the blue fading away.

Jonathan looked at her for a while, then cracked a smile. ''Why so blue, sidekick?''

They broke out laughing, both giggling like a pair of lunatics. Jonathan wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. 

''Thanks, asshole.'' his cousin croaked, and fell on her back, grinning, still regaining her breath. She pointed weakly at the boy cowering in the corner of the balcony. ''Take care of tubby over there, will you?''

''Of course.'' he said, still sniggering. He walked, nonchalantly, to where the child trembled, grabbed him, and flung him off the terrace. A thin sceam pierced the air, then fell silent.

Jonathan helped his cousin to her feet, propping her arm around him, as if supporting a drunkard. Slowly, they made their way back to the main hall.

No rest for the wicked...


Jonathan gestured towards the metal doors. ''Cass, would you care to do the honors?''

A malevolent smile adorned her face. ''My pleasure.''

Cassidy launched her chains, the dull metal flowing through the air, and coiled itself around the doorhandles. She gave her chains a tug, the doors twisted and bulged; another, and they flew off their hinges, clattering on the floor behind them.

They looked at each other. Jonathan gave Cassidy a wink, then sprinted, a blur of speed. He broke through the makeshift barricade as if it were a house of cards, his cousin following close behind.

Wails of despair, accompanied by cries of agony, echoed throughout the halls of Parkson Primary School.


Such was the dark fate of the small-town place of education. It was a black day, expected by none, abhorred by all.

No one knew what kind of devils were responsible for these atrocities. All they left behind were butchered, broken bodies, and bloody footsteps in the snow, marking their exit.

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quick note!

For those of you (if there are any) that are wondering what the fuck happened to the Twilight invasion and Showdown, relax.

Like I've said many, many times before: fuck Twilight. So that won't be included anywhere anymore unless I'm feeling the need for a sadistic short story.

Captain Awesome, Mr. J, and everyone else are getting a new world written up. So just hang on, the stuff that can be salvaged from my previous work will be salvaged.

Also, fuck Twilight. Seriously.


He opened the container. Inside laid two identical silver-and-glass injectors, cylindrical in shape. Sinister black liquid sloshed within. Serum 9.

They gently took a vial each. Jonathan flicked the rubber stopper off his dose with his thumb, and a short, thin needle zipped out. Rolling up a sleeve each, the cousins nodded to each other, and injected the vile concoction into their veins.

It started innocently enough, as always. A slight tingling sensation in the spot where the needle pierced the skin, a tingling which crawled up the arm at a snail's pace. Then it sped up. Goosebumps covered their skin, their flesh shivered, their muscles began twitching harder and harder. It was like being submerged in ice-water.

''I hate this part.'' growled Cassidy through gritted teeth.

A profound sense of vertigo overcame them. They thrashed around violently, striking at random surfaces within the car, as the serum continued to take effect. The cousins both saw and felt their strength increase to monstrous levels, their movement quicken to the point of the absurd.

Their eyes bore a most horrible change. They lost any vestige of humanity. Blue and green rapidly became bled into gray, gray to white, their pupils faded away into nothing. A pale, sickly light began to shine within the globes, a ghoulish radiance.

The uncontrollable flailing gradually lessened to mere twitches, then stopped entirely.

Jonathan puffed out his cheeks, and examined the twisted piece of metal that laid in his lap. What used to be the steering wheel, he assumed. ''Well... I guess we'll be walking back.''

Cassidy snorted. ''Maybe we should have done this outside. Make a mental note.'' The passenger side door was badly dented and barely held on its hinges, as if assaulted by a battering ram. She kicked it off. ''Let's do this!'' she said cheerfully, and got out.

Jonathan felt his throat tighten, his heart began hammering. ''Wait!'' he said hurriedly, reaching into his coat pocket. ''Lets have a smoke first.'' He fumbled the cigarette box, managed to get one out, and lit it. He offered one to his cousin.

She frowned, but took it. ''Fine,'' she said as she lit her own, ''stall all you want.''

Jonathan narrowed his eyes at her. ''Well excuse me for wanting to give those children a few extra minutes of life.'' His cigarette blazed.

''They're at school.'' Cassidy said in an offhand manner. ''I think they'd prefer you didn't.''

''Funny.'' he hissed at her, and inhaled a lungful.

''Get that stick out of your ass already Johnny!'' She walked up close to him. ''Murder is murder. I've seen you do it, Hell, you're better at the damn exercise than I am.''

He said nothing to this, simply turned, angry nicotine clouds floating upwards, and walked the other way.

''Hey...'' She put her hand gently on his shoulder. ''We need this. You said so yourself.''

''They're just kids...''

''Targets, Johnny. Only smaller than usual.''

Jonathan flicked the smoldering filter away.

''Where's that drive of yours?'' she murmured. ''Kill to the top, that's what you said. Don't tell me you're gonna let a bunch of snot-nosed brats derail you.''

He turned to face her. ''Let's just get this over with.'' he snarled, and made his way down the cobblestone path which led to the school.

''That's the spirit!'' Cassidy went to walk besides him, chains rattling behind. ''We go in, we earn our stripes, and it's only up from there on.'' She glanced at the school's marquee. With a practiced flick of her wrist the chain was launched, struck dead center, shattering most of it. The rest simply fell into a pile of rubble.

They reached the main entrance, and heard the school bell ringing, as if announcing a match.

Cassidy looked at her cousin, and saw his frown was darker than ever. She gave him a slap on the chest, and offered a big smile. ''Showtime!''

She kicked the doors open.


Everyone stood, confused and frightened, looking at the strange figures that stepped into their little school. The winter wind bellowed behind them, they were two black outlines against the brightness of the outside world. Their eyes were what scared the children the most; freakish glowing orbs, devoid of humanity.

One pale-faced boy stood within their reach, by some stroke of luck the violent door swing missed him. He looked up at them, eyes wide as dinner plates.

''Hello children!'' sang the woman, and nudged the man standing next to her with her elbow. ''Care to introduce us, cousin?''


Jonathan closed his eyes, the ghoulish luminescence going dark, and thought hard.

How did it come to this? Kill to the top... Where is the line drawn? In a school? 
He thought of all the backs he'd stabbed, throats he slashed, lives he'd extinguished, not caring in the least.
They didn't make me think twice. I laughed, even. I loved it... Should these be any different?
He remembered his employer's advice.
He made something of himself through this dark work... Does that mean he's right? It must. It fucking has to.
The shameful expulsion of himself and his cousin from his order came to mind.
''Lack of moral fiber. A threat to themselves and the integrity of this institution. Above all, a threat to those around them.''
How angry their words made him at the time. He wanted to be known, renowned, immortalized in the pages of history books, and they had denied him that dream.
But... were they right? Am I wrong to do this? To rise through death?

He inhaled deeply, and visualized the inscription on his blade. He viewed it with his mind's eye for a few moments, and then his psyche went quiet. It was as if a guttering candle flame, barely casting light, finally died.


Cassidy gazed nervously at her cousin as he closed his eyes, willing him not to lose his nerve. An unpleasant thought crept into her head; what if he decided they should live? What if he turned on her? She shivered at the prospect. She was no match for him, not even at her best.



to be concluded...

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Heroes No More - A Black Day in Parkson

Winter. The sky had covered everything with a crisp, white blanket of snow. Christmas was just around the corner, barely a week away, filling towns both big and small with pre-holiday cheer. For most people, this was a time to be merry, and to share their good will with neighbors and loved ones.

For most people.

On the lone strip of gray on white, the intercity highway, a brown Ford was making its way to the small town of Parkson.

Its passengers were not most people. They were both in their mid-twenties; the driver a sharp featured, somewhat thin man with short black hair and green eyes. In the passenger seat sat a stunning woman, her long hair curly and red, her lips seductive and full, her eyes two sapphires in a smooth, beautiful face. The driver looked as grim as a tombstone, his brow furrowed. The woman was the opposite, relaxed and eyes lazily opened, smiling a wicked smile.

''Still cranky, Johnny?'' she asked.

A grunt was his only reply.

''Still cranky...'' she sighed. ''I really can't see why-''

Jonathan cut her off mid sentence. ''Really?'' He glanced at her sideways, one eyebrow raised.

''No.'' she replied evenly. ''Don't pretend you don't know this is a test.''

Jonathan blew out an exasperated sigh. ''Look, I'm just... having some doubts, that's all. Don't worry.''

''I'm not worried.'' she replied with a smile. ''I'm sure that once we're there you'll see things more clearly and do the right thing.'' She thought about that for a moment. ''Well, the wrong thing. You know what I mean.''

Jonathan grunted.

''Honestly,'' she braved on, ''they're just meat and bone. Isn't that what you said about the others?''

Another grunt.

''Fine!'' she threw her hands up. ''Be grumpy. Just try to brighten up by the time we get there... sidekick.'' She smiled coyly. That would change his mood, she thought.

Almost every great hero, and great villain, has a sidekick. It's just the way legendary figures work. Although not legends themselves, Jonathan and Cassidy aspire to one day earn that prestigious title, and before such time a clear hierarchy must be established. At least that's what the excuse bystanders get when it comes to a morale-raising fistfight between the cousins.

Indeed, Jonathan's expression did soften. He looked at his cousin from the corner of his eye. ''I'm terribly sorry, would you mind repeating that?''

''Be grumpy.''

''The latter part, dear cousin.''

''Brighten up by the time we get there?'' her smile broadened.

Jonathan had a small smile of his own now. ''No, the latter latter bit.''

Cassidy pretended to ponder this. ''Sidekick?''

Jonathan tapped the steering wheel with his right hand for emphasis. ''That would be the one!''

''What about it?''

''Nothing. It's a fine word, a very fine word. Somewhat out of place though.''


Jonathan rubbed his chin. ''Well, generally speaking, a sidekick is considered to be the weaker part of a duo. Either physically or mentally. Or, in the given case, physically and mentally.'' He grinned at her. ''Sidekick.''

Cassidy's eyes narrowed. ''Don't get uppity on me, sidekick.''

Jonathan rolled his eyes, faking disbelief. ''There you go again, and after I had just explained it to you as well. I ought to hit you with a book, sidekick.''

''I ought to hit you with...'' she paused for a moment, pursed her lips, then delivered a vicious punch to his flank. Jonathan grunted and the car swiveled slightly, but he quickly regained control over the vehicle. ''Sidekick'' she smiled at him.

Jonathan smiled back. ''Physically weaker means that you're not as strong as me.'' As to prove his point he jabbed back, only slightly harder. ''Sidekick.''

Cassidy giggled, and cracked her knuckles. ''Oh, it's on now.'' She punched harder, and the car swiveled again.

He laughed heartily, and retaliated.

The debate went on relentlessly, and the car's course became more and more erratic. The cousins laughed and yelped as they made their points and rebuttals, their strikes steadily becoming more savage. They were deeply immersed in their altercation. So immersed, in fact, that Jonathan failed to notice the large junker speeding towards them.

The deep blast of a car horn drew Cassidy's attention. ''Watch the road, asshole!'' she yelled.

Jonathan eyes widened and he turned the wheel sharply to the right. Rubber screeched on asphalt as they skidded, at the mercy of luck and momentum, just barely missing the incoming truck.

Jonathan soon regained control over the Ford, and breathed a sigh of relief. He heard his cousin sniggering from the passenger seat. He gave her one last jab in the ribs, and smiled at her. Cassidy returned the smile, then went back to watching the surroundings pass them by. She always knew how to cheer him up, thought Jonathan.

They drove the rest of the way in silence. The landscape became much more scenic as they turned off the highway.

Freshly fallen snow had covered the idyllic houses and various family-owned stores. The trees slept, encased in frost, their naked branches reaching towards the heavens.

Jonathan had always been fond of small towns such as this, but found himself unable to enjoy the scenery due to the nature of their visit. This is it, he thought, the last bloody test of will before we get to the real stuff. The new inscription on his knife came to mind. Words his employer spoke as he saw Jonathan's shocked expression when he was told the details of their next assignment. He received a small speech which somewhat swayed his opinion, but what really stuck was the finishing argument. The employer asked Jonathan for his weapon, held it before him, and said... This means you never have to say sorry. Ever. Jonathan etched them into the blade's surface the night after their meeting, so he could keep that little bit of dark wisdom with him at all times.

He glanced at Cassidy. She was surveying the town, an easy smile on her face. He marveled at her lack of humanity. She gave no objections when he told her what the job would entail; in fact she was glad to have an easy assignment for a change.

Jonathan brought the car to a slow halt, within walking distance of their final destination. He drummed his fingers nervously on the steering wheel.

Cassidy was looking at the colorful building, smiling malevolently. ''You ready, 'cuz?''

Jonathan said nothing. He reached for the bulky, plated briefcase that laid in the back, and hauled it up onto the dashboard. He unlocked and opened it. Inside, in all its atrocious glory, rested their weaponry.

Cassidy cooed happily and reached for her instruments. She took out two long chains, made of a tough, dull gray alloy. Jonathan grabbed his butcher's knife, already in its holster, and strapped it to his left forearm where it belonged. Its familiar weight reassured him somewhat, but not nearly enough to calm his flaring nerves. They also took a pistol each, rarely used but indispensable in certain situations.

Only one thing remained in the briefcase; a small silver container, featureless if not for the black number 9 on its lid. Jonathan picked it up gingerly and held it on his palm, between himself and his cousin. She eyed it hungrily.

Jonathan sighed deeply, his frown returning. ''Do you really think we'll have need of it?''

''Of course we will.'' his cousin replied. ''If this doesn't attract a goodie-goodie hero I don't know what will.''

Jonathan's gaze shifted from the container to the marquee in front of the multi-colored building. Bright yellow letters on a deep blue background, they spelled ''Parkson Primary School''. ''Yea...'' he breathed, ''I can see that happening.''

to be continued... because I got somewhat inebriated yesterday and am too hungover to continue at the moment. Enjoy the cliffhanger.

back with a vengeance!!!

First of all, screw tumblr.

Secondly, the following post will be dark, depressing, disturbing, violent, twisted, etc. Just saying. Don't bother calling me sick, I'm well aware of that.

Also, I've been thinking about changing the story a bit, perhaps switching to realism instead of the superheroesque setting. Thoughts?